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What does Provider Finder Do for You?

The Provider Finder helps connect you with our service providers so that you get the support that you need.

Just some of the services offered by our providers include:

  • - Child Care
  • - Family Support
  • - Counseling Services
  • - Job Training
  • - Legal Assistance
  • - Drug Recovery

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Welcome to the SCCFMIC Network

The Santa Clara County Fatherhood / Male Involvement Collaborative (SCCFMIC) represents a large group of community resources committed to supporting healthy fatherhood and male involvement for the benefit of children.

SCCFMIC encourages development of programs and services that help fathers and males become positive influences in their families, and specifically for children.

The SCCFatherhood Network

Our network helps to connect you with community providers in the Santa Clara county area. Join our network to gain direct and personal access to our community service providers as well as connect with other members of the community like you. Read More ...

Just some of the services our Providers Offer:

• Providing parenting workshops and support groups
• Addressing child visitation and child support issues
• Accessing job training and education
• Down payment assistance for home purchase
• Santa Clara County resources for home listings
• Creating father/male-friendly environments

Providers, Join Us Today!!

As advocates for positive fatherhood and male involvement, we ask our community to join us in actively advancing the roles of fathers and males. Join us in helping men in the lives of children, families, and the community so that they are recognized, nurtured, strengthened, and celebrated.

Are you part of an organization who shares our goals? Join us today in networking with other business and community providers. Our goal is to build the largest network of providers in Santa Clara county who's mission is help men in the community.