SCCFatherhood Provider Directory

Provider: Family Supportive Housing

Our San José Family Shelter is the only emergency shelter in Santa Clara County that houses 35 one and two parent families for up to 90 days. Each family lives in their own apartment style private room and bathroom. Our 50,000 square foot building includes a commercial kitchen, communal dining room, laundry facilities, health and wellness center, clothes closet, garden roof-top terrace, computer lab where parents acquire and practice technological job skills, library, children classrooms, and state-licensed child development center.

Our San José Family Shelter Program focuses on the personal partnership a family forms with on-site Case Managers to develop a detailed customized step-by-step plan leading them to self-sufficiency. In addition to meeting basic needs such as food and shelter, we provide counseling, referrals for housing, employment services, budgeting services, health care services, educational workshops, parenting classes, and ESL education. We also provide evening day care, Voyager Child Development Center, and a mandatory Homework Enrichment Program for all school-age children residing at our San José Family Shelter because we believe that an education builds a strong foundation to help break the cycle of homelessness.
Services: Family Support, Housing
Office Phone: 408-926-8885