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Provider: Joyner Payne Youth Service Agency-Aquarius Project

Joyner/Payne Youth Service Agencyâ??s mission is to empower communities to challenge local, state and national government, private industry and non-profit foundations to make available the appropriate resources to provide employment opportunities and anti-violence programs to inner-city youth, and to educate their families on health and welfare services so that these youth will be inspired to make a positive impact in their communities, furthermore community norm change regarding violence as well as stopping the negative affects of recidivism in the ethnic community.

Free parent presentations about San Jose gang violence, Santa Clara County Juvenile Court and Santa Clara County Juvenile Hall/James Ranch. We work with all the above mentioned groups to reduce the level of confinement per youth. We have an 11% recidivism rate, most if not all of our clients make it off probation within one to two years. The average time span for juveniles remaining on probation runs into their early twenties, which means the parents pay those probation fees and court cost which can range from $3,000 to $5,000 per year. We also advocate for reduced sentences in Juvenile Court, one example would be; one of our 15 year old clients was involved in a shooting, our client didnâ??t shoot at anyone but he ran away with the gun, the police arrest all parties, the DA charges the 15 year with gang enhancement and a strike which means heâ??s facing a 20+ year sentence. The Public Defender calls us for assistance, we meet with the 15 year old to see if he would be a good fit for our program and we decide to advocate for him. We ended winning the gang enhancement part of the case, which means instead of our 15 year old client going CYA until he turned 18, and then the state would transfer him to state prison when he turned 18 to serve his 20 year sentence with a strike. Instead he was sent to James ranch for 8 months. He is now home with his parents and doing well. Donâ??t allow this to happen to your teenager: All are facing long prison sentences! We can be reached at 408-292-7292 ask for the Aquarius Project!
Services: Counseling Services, Criminal Records, Crisis Support, Legal Assistance, Parenting Classes, Probation, Re-Entry
Address: 1415 Koll Circle
San Jose, Ca 95112
Office Phone: 408-292-7292
Direct Phone: 510-435-2807
Primary Contact: Hewitt Joyner